Skye Black (alkun_til_sen) wrote in realteenmoms,
Skye Black

Hey there.

My name is Skye and there is a possibility that I'm pregnant.  My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex twice while I had just gotten off of my period.  I know you're probably supposed to know officially that you are pregnant to join, but I thought that there would possibly be some girls in the community that knew what I was going through and could possibly help me through it.

I don't want to be pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I believe children are a blessing, and if I am pregnant, I would go through with it 100% and I would probably love the kid so much, but I've just started college. I've just started job hunting.  I've possibly even gotten a job. I don't want to go through this pregnancy. Not right now.

And pretty much everyone I care about (besides the possible father of course) will be dissapointed in me and upset with me and my greatest fear is my family will disown me or kick me out or really hurt my boyfriend. I've told one friend, and even though she accepted me, she's too wrapped up in her own drama andt she doesn't really seem to care, so I'm almost truly alone. My boyfriend, however worried he is, doesn't realize how scared I am right now. I need someone who would actually care at least a little bit and help.

This morning, for the first time, I woke up somewhat sick. And that scares me to all hell.

My question is this; is it possible to having morning sickness this early?
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You say that you had literally just finished your period when you had unprotected sex? How long is your cycle typically? Do you have any idea what your ovulation patterns are?

Women can ovulate anywhere from cycle day 10 all the way to cycle day 20. Cycle days start counting from the first day of your period.

So, let's assume that you have a five-day period. You probably had sex at about cycle day 6 or 7? If you ovulate very early into your cycle, then there's a possibility that you are pregnant. Everyone is different, though - for instance, I typically ovulate closer to cycle day 20 so if I had unprotected sex right after my period ended I would be in the clear as far as pregnancy goes.

If this is seriously stressing you out, that could definitely be the reason why you're having some nausea.

Bottom line - if and when you miss your period, take a pregnancy test. Until then, there's really no way to tell. At this point, you're so early on that even if you were pregnant, the fertilized embryo probably hasn't even implanted yet (that happens about a week after you have sex).

Hope this was helpful!
You don't know for sure, so don't stress it. That could only delay the onset of your period when it's supposed to come, freaking you out even more. For now, try to forget about it and go on like normal. Only time will tell. First symptom is normally missed period and it's too early for you to be experiencing nausea. I think you're fine.

Next time though, use a condom. It'll put your mind at ease.
I just went through the same thing down to the T. I was so scared to tell my parents and everything when I found out but, with the help of my boyfriend, I did. I was surprised at the reaction and am so happy that I'm not stressed. Just do it and have faith in yourself. Tell them they are either with you or against you. Bottom line.