andriadawn_321 (andriadawn_321) wrote in realteenmoms,

im terrified.

okay so you guys...
i get my period the beggining of every month, and it starts heavy a=stays heavy for several days.
pretty postive im pregnant, or was, and well i didnt even come close to having my period.
all of the sudden tonight, i get home and went pee,
and when i wiped it was slightly red tinted.
its not like me.
i figured spotting. thats normal right?
okay so i took a nap got up a couple hours later went pee,
it wasnt bad but a little blood on my underwear,
and in my pee.
its not like my period, but its gettin heavier.
is this normal?
because we dont have a lot of money, my insurance is the only way i see the doctor, and we dont have much food,
the little we do have is not very healthy,
and im terrified i killedd my baby.
please help me out here,
im not very healthy but im trying SO hard.
i sound niave, but im honestly worried.
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