andriadawn_321 (andriadawn_321) wrote in realteenmoms,

so I've been thinkin...


I'm kinda little... by the time I hit six months... maybe les I'll be bed ridden.
and every other generation in out family, on my mums side has twin girls.
my mum is a twin, the only other girl in my generation, my cousin Dana, had a little girl but not twins.
i would cry if they told me I was having twins. lol, idk how I'd live through birth.
just a thought.
I'm working on getting a job, but I'm only fifteen and I cant drive yet due to my eye sight.
I'll be sixteen in the beggining of Febuary though.
I have an eye appointment tomorrow. I may try and get my daddy to stop by the doctor.
but anyhoo, your all amazing. have a blessed day.
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