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How old were you when you got pregnant? 17

How old was the dad? 17
How did you find out? my period was late.

Who was the first person you told?  My bestfriend caitlin, we went and bought a pregnancy test and i took it at the gas station and opened the door sayin "oh my god oh my god holy shit!"

How did the parents react? my mom was dissapointed, but supportive, she wanted me and my boyfriend to come up with a plan on what we were going to do.

Did you have morning sickness? never!! ( :

Any problems when you were pregnant? i had very low iron and at one point i got a stomach virus which was scary i was so worried about my baby

Did you find out what you were having? yupp

What was it? girl!

What was the chosen name for a boy? Hunter Matthew

For a girl? First it was Audrey & Autmn but i named her olivia danielle, my boyfriend picked the middle name and i picked the first one.

Did the baby have any problems? nope

How much weight did you gain? lol too much. 40 pounds.

Did you consider abortion? never.

Adoption? Never

What were your first symptoms of pregnancy? didnt really have any except my period was late...

Did your boobs get HUGE? yes they did!!

Were you miserable at the end? i was sooo miserable.


When did you first notice contractions? didnt have any until i was induced august 23rd, and i had them in my back the whole time!

How far apart were they? well i was induced so they were pretty close lol

Were they painful? omg yes they were horrible...

When did you go to the hospital?august 25th was when i was induced.

Did you ever get sent home? no

How far were you when you got admitted to the hospital? i was only 1 cm.

How long were you in labor before you had your baby? i stayed in labor for 18 hours before i had to have a c-section

Did you get an epidural? yup but it didnt work..

Did you have a C-section? yes.... i got to  cms and they decided she wouldnt fit and her heart rate was dropping when i had a contraction.

Did you hold the baby first? no, my mom did.

How much did the baby weigh? 8lbs  4oz.

How long was the baby? 20inches.

What was the baby's birthday? august 26, 2009

When was your due date? August 24 2009

What time was the baby born? 5:40pm.
How far along were you when you had the baby? 40 weeks and a couple days
What hospital did you give birth at?  ronaoke chowan hospital

Who delivered the baby? Dr. palmur

What was the baby's name? Olivia Danielle

Did you decide the name before or wait to see the baby? We already had the name picked out.

Was there any problems with the baby? nope just a little jaundice
How did you feel afterwards? after I had him? horrible because i had a csection and i was in pain but soo happy at the same time to meet my babygirl
When did you leave the hospital? August 29th

Was your baby jaundiced? yes

Did you tear when you had the baby? nope, had a csection.

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