andriadawn_321 (andriadawn_321) wrote in realteenmoms,

so confused.


I'm still spotting.
nothing more than that though.
i thought it was gettin heavier, but no.
i thought this was only for implantation bleeding???
well, everytime i pee i bleed a little, and i spot in between but its nothing compared to my periods.
first day of school was today,
i got some people i chill with,
i get along with everyone,
but im not looking foward to this.
My fiance is finding out how expensive senior year is.
haha, tried to warn him.
still worried about thae baby though...
my mum is bringing me to the doctor at some point, but i didnt tell her why.
my stomache is so uncomfortable all of the time.
but its coll.
just thought I'd update ya.

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