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36 weeks today ( :

soo today im 36 weeks!! im sooo ready to have my baby! i cant wait to hold her! at first when i found out i was pregnant i remember being soo scared, and its funny how now im soo excited i dont know what to do! lol anyways ive been having horrible braxton hicks! they suckk.. lol i just cant wait for that big day to get here! hopefully it will be within the next few weeks! ( : <3

saturday i offically got engaged! ( :  my boyfriend/fiance is in prison.. until october.. and his mom bought the ring there when we went to see him and he proposed to me, i knw it sounds silly, and it wasnt how i always pictured it.. but i love him and i support him no matter what. i just cant wait for him to get back home, it sucks that what he did 2 years ago (( when we werent even together ))  caught up with him and now he is going to miss our baby being born. its going to be hard.. but i know we will make it through!

just thought i would update a little bit.. anyways, hope everyone else is doing well! ( :


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